If You Are Here, You Found ME!

Welcome to the 'new' blog . . .

testing Wordpress . . . which I am determined will be easier than my technical challenges with Typepad. Amazingly, I am going on 2 years, this Fall being my 3rd year 'on-blog'.

I hope I am getting better at entertaining or at least that you are enjoying the ride along with me as I fumble through my life and art career.

A lot has changed for me in 2 years. I have surpassed many goals and am sad to say other goals were left behind in the dust.

View of "Coping Skills" installation, from above View of "Coping Skills" installation, from above

Seriously, even if inserting and labeling the images is easier, it is worth it to me!

So, here we go, fasten your seatbelts - we are off!!

Let me know if you are having any troubles with this format and I will try to work the kinks out. 

I still have 1 week to finish setting my gallery on the website before I will really feel 'set' - but I promise to practice and keep you posted . . .

so, bear (do you 'bear' with someone or do you 'bare' with someone?  English teachers???) with me while I get the hang of it . . .

As always, each day,

For Art's Sake,