Hourglass, A Poem


Sands trickling through life

Viewed thru a glass of our own device

Choices descending by love and by strife

Dreams still to dream, with sorrow survive

Reversals of fortune, no reversals of time

Maquettes of moments, tracing a path

Lives lived for self, is it such a crime?

Turning our futures into our pasts

Eroding foundations questioned today

Deconstructing WAS, recreating NOW

Rebuilding cornerstones takes more than a day

This present life - my gift to SELF

Shared joys and shattered dreams tumble as one

Refining a soul through the polish of time

Friends of the heart, celebrating each tome

Intersecting the map to our indomitable soul

Sole judge and juror, be kind to thy SELF

Forget not the journey in forging your path

Tomorrow’s the quest to all yesterday’s answers

When closing a chapter, turn a new page on life

Falling uphill, climbing down divides

Building bridges over the chasm of time

Shaking it up when it turns to drudge

Our souls, just orbits around a moonlit tide

Centrifugal force pulling forward and back

Magnetically sealing the closure of past

Potentials redefining each second to last

An unfinished life to achieve, not reprise

Slivers of future, seen through a mirror

Reflections found in the shadows of tears

A trick of the eye, a bend in the river

Waterfalls of memories, shed thru the years

What goes around comes around

Been there, done that

Wounds healed and re-opened

Flip Your Hourglass to Begin

-by Sher Fick, for Ann Water’s 50th Birthday, January 2004