Happily Ever After - Rapunzel's Tower Unveiled

Installation on Rapunzel's Tower went great!  In fact, I was finished 2 days early!

Here I am with artist Denise Johnson (me on the left, Denise on the right) at the Designer Party given May 21st.

Cheekwood knows how to put on a spread - the Brie with honey, brown sugar and grapes reminded me of Italy!

Wednesday was the first day we got to see our fellow artists' designs installed.

This year's selections were fun-filled and I especially enjoyed Kristina Arnold's "Three Billy Goats Gruff" installation.  Another favorite had to be the "Three Little Pigs" by Andee Rudloff - especially seeing Andee trying out her own slide!


From the time we arrived on Saturday morning Rapunzel's Tower was swarmed . . .

Here are the first visitors descending the hill . . .

I really had to catch my breathe - but it really couldn't have gone better - the smiles on the parents' faces at times out-shined their childrens' - literally, the best compliment possible.

We knew when we saw parents spreading out blankets and camping out around the Tower that we had a hit on our hands!

Since I finished early I decided to add just a few additional elements: a birdhouse based on the model I presented to the Curator back in January, a balance beam (built by my husband, Don), and a mailbox.

They were all a great hit and gave ample opportunity for the children waiting to climb the rock walls or get their turns in the sandboxes, to have some fun, too:

This blond darling is using the ringing bell as a microphone or megaphone - I think she thought she was talking to Rapunzel!


And here you can see some of my family getting in the "balancing act": at front, my niece, Grace Victoria (6) followed by my daughter Claire (5) and niece Morgan (10).

One of the best surprises of the day was the special notes left by admirers and potential "Prince Charmings" to Rapunzel - how adorable is that?!  The above image is thanks to fellow artist and friend, Aletha Carr.

The day was a blur and I now understand what my teenagers mean by saying "I'm skyin' ."  That is exactly how I felt.

Here's to all the people that made my day so fabulous: my sisters Lisa and Susan for bringing their families (from Indiana and South Carolina) to share my joy, my mother (from Illinois)for her proud smile, my brother-in-law Steven (from Kentucky) for bringing his great wife, Shawn, and their daughter Taylor JUST FOR THE MORNING - I'm so glad we all got to enjoy luncheon on the deck at Cheekwood's Pineapple Room - it was a true delight!

Additional thanks to: artist Denise Johnson for the Enchantress panel, to Selena Long for the Queen/King panels, to Aletha Carr for helping install and photography (not to mention our lovely art days), to hubby Don for putting up with me and helping whenever and however he could, to my kids for not abandoning me, to Leigh Anne Lomax for her great help as Cheekwood Garden Director . . . the list goes on and on . . .

I feel that I have climbed the golden stair, thanks for your assistance and needed "boosts".

My side of the family . . .