Off the Hotplate . . .


New work, just to prove that all those sleepless hours are bringing forth something!

Above is a studio image of "My Vintage Soul", still on the easel.  Here are some detail views:




I really enjoyed adding this vintage puppy's broken tail nearby . . .

This series took a surprising amount of time and a surprising amount of beeswax.  Measuring 24" x 24" and approximately 7" deep, it weighs at least 50 lbs!

As I was forming the rosettes from the wax infused textiles, I though of the roses my mother creates for decorating wedding cakes.

As I was working on this large, focal piece, I also experimented with smaller assemblages.


This diptych of boxes includes a guardian angel and other vintage figurines.

After a rather bizarre dream of GIANT "little people' peering at me sleeping (thru a window), I had this idea.  These are the oldest versions of little people I could find . . . I hope to do many more works with Little People in them.