Zippy is Better Than Santa!

The following is correspondence between my 6 year-old daughter, Claire, and Zippy (a/k/a author, Haven Kimmel) :

On December 10, 2008 at 6:42 pm Sher Said:

from Claire Fick, Sher’s 6 year-old:

Dear Zippy - I really like your stories. One of my favorite is when you were little and when you and your Dad thrEw your bottle in the fire, and when you get your hair and blue slippers. My favorite line, which I can say with you is “THEY’RE MY ACTUAL FEET!!!” I like looking at the pictures in your books Zippy and Couch which my mom showed me. I like the picture of your friend, Julie.
I like your dogs when you were little, I have one kitten, Snappy. she has a little stump for a tail, because she was born that way, we hope. She naps a lot. We have only 3 pets, 2 are hermit crabs, Ocean and Paco. Snappy has a wet nose. I listen to your stories every night, instead of my lullaby CD.

  • On December 10, 2008 at 6:46 pm Sher Said: Claire forgot to say:

    “One time when we moved in this new house, Ocean escaped from her playground box, we found her hours later between two boxes. She almost got dry enough to die. I’m glad my Mommy found her.

    Do you celebrate Christmas? I have my very own Christmas tree I decorated all by myself.

    Thank You,


    On December 10, 2008 at 10:36 pm HavenSaid:

    Dear Claire Fick,

    I happen to know that it is very good luck to have a cat without a tail. As you will remember, I had my own removed and it was the Gypsies who taught me a lot of secrets. I still wear slippers almost all the time, but now they look like cowboy boots. If you would like a pair and will e-mail me your address and the size of your foot, or BOTH FEET IF YOU HAVE TWO, I’ll send you some and we can be slipper twins.

    I am thinking that you like to have your nails polished, maybe pink or something with sparkles. I highly recommend painting your toenails, too, so they don’t feel left out. Also? Ask Santa for any kind of chapstick or lip balm that tastes like candy. My favorite is Hershey’s chocolate, but really any flavor is good.

    If I were a Claire Fick, here’s what I would do: not watch very much television. I would pretend in my head a lot and even write some pretends down or record them in a tape recorder. I would always be kind to animals and my mom and dad, and I would WISH CONSTANTLY someone would bring me some cookies. I would play outside and run and JUMP as HIGH AS I COULD. I would always be exactly myself and try not to lie and try not to hurt any feelings, but if someone tried to make me be a different sort of Claire Fick? Some feelings might just get hurt, whoops.

    I liked your letters very much, and I love the pictures I’ve seen of you, and I love your mom. It seems as if you got really LUCKY, and also you are smart. Never, ever be afraid to be smart.

    Your Friend,

    After tortuous waiting, the package FINALLY arrived . . .  with this message from Zippy:



    Claire instantly JUMPED as high as she could and then went into modeling mode:



    Go buy "A Girl Named Zippy" for everyone in your life - - give it in honor of Haven's mother, Delonda, whom fondly revealed in Zippy and "She Got Up Off The Couch" - both memoirs from Mooreland, IN . . the midwestern stories are universal for bravery, love, and joy.

    To Haven, our deepest thanks.

    For Art's Sake,

    Sher & Claire (your slipper twin!)