Deathbed Wish/3M/Haven Kimmel's Iodine

My deathbed wish:  To be read to from my collection of books (many of which I have purchased in hardback) - the highlighted and/or underlined text ONLY. 


I quit listening to audio books while driving as I have had several near accidents while trying to write down a phrase or wording.  Why words at my deathbed, in lieu of visual art?  I struggled with the choice to focus on writing or visual art – the visual art won out only because it was more tactile and I have learned to merge my love of both. 


Assuming I will be so sick as not to be able to paint (and it is the process I love more than the product) - words won!


3M must be very excited that Oprah recommended the “flag highlighters” – here is a side view of the newest Kimmel book, Iodine.  A lot of the highlights are for books or authors she mentioned that I want to research further - I just LOVE how intelligent Trace/Ianthe was, it is that teetering on genius/insanity that intrigues me.


The dynamic of the world of academia vs. the "real" world is another that hit "home" with me - I used to go to college and just immerse myself there - it would be months before people knew I had children (they saw the car seats in the van).  I was just so being a student that I wanted those worlds separate.  I wanted to focus 100 percent on motherhood at home and 100 percent on learning when at school (I was in college from age 28-38, off and on, finally graduating in 2006, twenty years after high school).

This novel awaits my second reading (I'm still catching my breathe and research on lots of the references so that I can fully take it in).  This might be my most "marked" book ever.  Need I say more – my loved ones might just have to read the entire novel to me on referenced future deathbed (I’m going to be totally fried if I die in an accident vs. a long, drawn-out illness) . . . I’ll miss so much!


Enjoy (not a slight, but also Endure, Iodine);

It is worth every gasp,

For Art's Sake,


PS Haven, if this isn't your "horror" novel, I have to say I am "afeared"!