New Work from the Studio - July 7, 2009

After weeks and weeks of very stressful paperwork, I spent Monday with my favorite art buddy, Aletha Carr (  We had a nostalgic lunch at Long John Silver's then spent about 2 hours roaming the aisles of Hobby Lobby.  We just love walking the rows and imagining different ways to use their products . . . and the sales are phenomenal. As usual, Aletha left with one bag and I left with my cart full and Aletha using her cart for the rest of my bounty . . . One of the great items we re-imagined was the use of these model acrylic displays:  First Comes Love First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Jane pushing a baby carriage . . .   "FIRST COMES LOVE", July 2009   (Note: top fabric includes one of my children's hospital, flannel receiving blankets).     "SOCKMONKEY LOVE",Sock Monkey Love July 2009   Overall these new pieces are extensions of "Coping Skills" and will be collector items of smaller size.                          "VANITY TABLE I - RUBBER DUCKY, YOU'RE THE ONE" July, 2009 (detail below) 72yourtheone   I have tons of encaustic paintings started, but am saving those for days when I won't be distracted by children, the phone, etc.  I definitely feel the embers heating up - ready for a major production of work to result. Yippee!
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A New Hairdo ALWAYS Lifts My Spirits

So, I did again . . . right before visiting family I got my hair done.  I mean, not just cut and blow-dried, I went from graying medium brown to blond with teal baby doll bangs and streaks - - -

what do you think???   I personally LOVE it and it really represents my state of mind and it was uplifting to get a new hairdo to match my 20 lbs. lighter body.  My hair styles have been controversial, but I just consider them another way to express myself. I was also very proud of my Mother and Mother-in-Law, who were both able to restrain themselves from saying anything about it - I think my hair stunned them so much they didn't even see my skinnier body! Here is another pic my art buddy Aletha ( took during our drawing workshop at the Nashville Public Library, we are showing and telling, but I am so nosy to see what everybody else drew. These are images we drew of how GINGER root felt/smelled to us  - all the drawings were bouncy and spirited - - that exercise has informed my work and mind since then:   For Art's Sake, sher
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