The Beautiful View of Perspective

It is unbelievable to me that I have not posted since September 8th!!!! What a naughty blogger I am!  Since that time I have: -  celebrated my 19th anniversary with my hunky hubby -  celebrated my 1st born and only son's 18th birthday -  celebrated my youngest daughter's 8th birthday (including redecorating her room from Princess to Zebra Stripe) and we had a blast making her Zebra Birthday Cake, memory we will keep in our hearts FOREVER Claire Designed her own Zebra Cake -  hosted a friend weekend with 5 overnight guests and a party for 20+
Singer/Songwriter, Larry Winslow, entertains our guests  -  traveled to Indiana for the annual Covered Bridge Festival and spent 4 days with my sisters and extended family -  instigated the renovation of my website (to launch VERY SOON!) -  had several full studio days that are reaping many fantastic assemblage pieces (hoping to finish and photograph the new work tomorrow) So, WOW, I think I am not accomplishing, but then I look at the above check list of accomplishments (which doesn't even include daily things like hours of chats with my teens, or the hours of assisting the 3rd grader with homework and 'projects', or finally spending some quality time with my husband and friends . . . I can see, with that beautiful view of PERSPECTIVE . . . that my life is so FULL. It is not only FULL of activity, but with: LOVE, SACREDNESS, fulFILLMENT, BEAUTY and the richness of DISCOVERY. Once in a while I might feel sad, that maybe because of back pain, or general 'rushedness' - I might not have fully paid attention to a daughter's drawing or school story, or that I didn't take care of myself by taking my daily walks - but, all in all, I find that the choices I made several years ago - to quit work and stay home with the kids, to work from a home studio, to be available to them every hour they are not in school - I truly did the right thing - not just for them, but for me! I am not saying there aren't days I wish I could be in New York City hanging out with the other artists and networking, or attending EVERY SINGLE art opening in Middle Tennessee . . . but, really, I don't think  I miss much, and I for sure have gained A LOT.
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A New Hairdo ALWAYS Lifts My Spirits

So, I did again . . . right before visiting family I got my hair done.  I mean, not just cut and blow-dried, I went from graying medium brown to blond with teal baby doll bangs and streaks - - -

what do you think???   I personally LOVE it and it really represents my state of mind and it was uplifting to get a new hairdo to match my 20 lbs. lighter body.  My hair styles have been controversial, but I just consider them another way to express myself. I was also very proud of my Mother and Mother-in-Law, who were both able to restrain themselves from saying anything about it - I think my hair stunned them so much they didn't even see my skinnier body! Here is another pic my art buddy Aletha ( took during our drawing workshop at the Nashville Public Library, we are showing and telling, but I am so nosy to see what everybody else drew. These are images we drew of how GINGER root felt/smelled to us  - all the drawings were bouncy and spirited - - that exercise has informed my work and mind since then:   For Art's Sake, sher
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Tooting My Own Horn

It's my birthday, so I am giving myself a present -   The Right To Toot My Own Horn. Here are a few quotes from messages I have received in recent months about my artwork . . . as I deeply respect both of these authors, I am stunned and humbled to be lauded by their beauteous words!


"You are an art magician.  What you do is spiritual alchemy made manifest"      - Suzanne Finnamore, Best-selling author of Split, Zygote Chronicles, Old Maid and others. Sher's Response to Suzanne:  You are a goddess among women - you have the wicked tongue and cool bangs of a true lioness.  I would love to have you in my pack of wandering four-leggeds - after we have all reincarnated from our current, sharp-as-a-tack selves.  We can howl at the moon from all corners of our earth - ye from the west, self from the south, and blade from the easterly region, I'm not sure if Kate Cake qualifies as northerly (we might need to subsitute Jim Shue as our northern sister kin as he is closer to the North Pole). . . or maybe Brandon, I need help on the 4th! Your Prayer Flag is blowing crimson in the fluffy falling snow (calling you home to North Carolina, I hope).  If I can FIND my camera amongst my boughs of holly, I will take a shot and send it forth . . . (um, I might need a week for that).


" . . . this is what I want to say: you are not merely gifted technically, you have endowed those pieces with such heart-sweetnessI wanted to cry. My daughter and sister will see what I meant them to see: a touch beyond dimensionality, as fragile and sublime as the butterfly wings and the words of grief behind them. Your heart is there, and as a person who tries to never shy away from putting my own heart in my work, I see it and I offer you my deepest respect and gratitude. I know I am a loony as a religious person, but I do believe we are here to enrich the space we’re given, and you have done that; I thank you. Thank you sincerely".     - Haven Kimmel, Best-selling author of A Girl Named Zippy (as well as She Got Up Off the Couch [sher's favorite memoir], Something Rising Light & Swift, The Solace of Leaving Early, the Used World, and Iodine, and several children's books). Sher Responds to Haven: I can barely respond to your comments because they mean so much to me.  From the moment I read the first sentence of Zippy I felt you KNEW ME, that we had lived parallel lives of some sort, not only with the back story/region, but especially with your lighthearted SENSE of HUMOR which slays me - and then to discover the deep spiritual truths and depths of your writing - which reveals your soul in all its glory. Thank YOU.  I hope to continue to live up to your authenticity.  I can't think of anything adequate to say . . . so . . . Appreciatively to BLADE from LANCE, May we slay all the beasts in the nether-worlds,
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The Best Birthday Present a Holly Hobbie Fanatic Could Ever Receive!

  So, if you have followed my obsessions at all you will know that I am LITERALLY OBSESSED with vintage Holly Hobbie items from the 70's. When my sister, Lisa, said she had gotten me the PERFECT birthday present and that she wanted to give it to me in person, I have to admit I was excited. We saw each other in October (2 months BEFORE my birthday), but we exchanged presents anyway. I was just flabbergasted and speechless (which does NOT happen often) - it literally was THE PERFECT PRESENT for me. She found these lovely Holly Hobbie and Heather dolls - and they are very reminiscent of Lisa and I, she had dark hair and I had an unfortunate shade of light brown as a tiny child.  I believe it was frequently referred to as "dirty dishwater".   So this shout out is for LISA!  Thanks, this meant the world to me! We are now on a joint mission to find this type of a rope bed for the girls, make Grannie nightgowns and mop-caps for them (with the gowns embroidered with "Lisa Ann" and "Sissy Kay") and to make a blue striped ticking mattress for the bed.   Here we are on our way to the Dixie Chicks concert in December of 2006 - neither of us knows what our real hair colors are now - we suspect some black and pepper gray with some faded gray brown. Your sis, Sissy Kay (k/n/a Sher) Query:  1 - Have you already received your "perfect" present?  If so, what was it?  or  If not, what would it be??
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